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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 5:40 PM


Wild Howlz Website

So we now at least have a website page to go to, yay :3

Lets see, on to the more important things. Thanks to the community chipping in, we are making good progress and getting every closer to the official launch. We still have lots of work to do when it comes to visuals, but the basics of the site have along quite nicely. We really couldn't keep up this pace without you guys. Honestly, like I mean super seriously. I've run just about flat broke trying to get this game up and running and I have no more money left to burn so you have no idea how grateful I am to see such awesome support.

I've been asked why do I keep trying when I have no money and already have a day job? Why bother?

And here is my answer to you all. This game, the success of it I mean, would mean so much to me. For those of you who are new to watching me, I am from Latvia, not the U.S.. I was adopted at age 6 and left everything behind. When I turned 21, i found out I have a sister who shares both of our parents' blood. As you can imagine, finding this out would blow anyone's mind away I'm sure, especially when you grew up as an only child. I knew then I had to go home, back to Latvia. I had to be a sister..... but sadly I've watched almost 5 years pass since that day now and I have not been able to go home. 
I've tried everything I could think for those 5 years. I hopped around jobs but each one last maybe a month or two and the income was very poor. I tried commissions, but I couldn't get a big enough audience and that little income was sucked up through gas. I finally got a job, but I don't like it, but the pay isn't the best either. Bills came around and I lost even more money. I dug up an old game idea I had created in my last year of college, but after 2 coders up and vanished, I was very much emotionally pained to try again.
It was my fiance who took me in his arms and told me to try again. Told I had to keep trying whatever I could. We have our dreams too. We want to get married, live in a house, have kids, but it pained me so much watching him do all the work, while my little bit of income just wasn't enough to do anything except pay for groceries for my parents and myself... it hurt every day, little by little I felt like I was drowning. I wanted to go home, back to Latvia, even if just once... but I couldn't... I don't have the money.

I decided to try again as my fiance told me and I found a coder. I gathered up what savings I did have, launched a campaign, and prepared for the long road ahead. That was back in January. Things went good at first, but then I realized how naive I was about the cost. I've been paying the coder pretty much my entire paychecks every week when I only get paid every 2 weeks... it didn't take long before I was forced to slow down. 
Making a game is not as easy as people think it and it takes more money than you realize. I hate it personally, but I feel like I've gone too far now to stop. I have a lot riding on this game; a ticket home to see a sister I've never met before... my future... my life... everything I know is on this game.

I don't ask for a lot, it's not in my nature, and I don't like asking for help, but please, if you can spare even a little, help me make Wild Howlz a reality and get us to Beta! You would not be just supporting a wolf game but you are supporting a future and dreams, you are supporting a once in life time chance to put together a family broken by the hostilities of the past. 

So come people, lets make this happen today. Lets send out our Howls and let our spirits run Wild. The secret is almost upon us and ready to be revealed. 

You can help support Wild Howlz by visiting our shop to get some cool stuff for the game: this will be the only time these items are available:

Also, check us out on Facebook for updates and cool stuff:

Thank you everyone! 

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Wow! Amazing art! I wish I new you sooner xO hehe and happy late berth day XD. Please keep drawing! Your really good at It o.o
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Thanks so much. I try the best I can at least :3 Once I'm not so busy with my game prep-work, I'll be drawing again on a more regular basis
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Happy birthday.
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